About the Bulletin of the Russian Medieval Art Department

The bulletin is a new periodical of the Russian Medieval Art Department at the State Institute for Art Studies. The Department was founded in 1963 by Olga Podobedova and Viktor Lazarev. Since its beginning, the Department has published over thirty volumes of collected papers Old Russian Art which continues to be a fundamental edition in Russian medieval art studies and is issued once in several years. However, along with this collection, there is a growing need for a more up-to-date periodical which would reflect the latest developments of Russian medieval art history and would be aimed not only at specialists but also at students and young researchers. The bulletin aspires to become such an edition.
The journal reflects the state of the modern history of Russian medieval art, providing the reader with the most relevant studies related to the history of architecture, visual and applied arts, and archaeology. Another important feature of the bulletin is that along with scientific studies, it includes personalia, such as obituaries and articles on anniversaries of famous scientists, reviews of current exhibitions and the latest literature.
Finally, due to close cooperation between the Department and the Interregional Agency for Scientific Restoration, the bulletin also features a chronicle of restoration and conservation. It follows the latest developments in the restoration of some of the most important church frescoes and icons. The research conducted during the restoration often reveals new facts and new ways for interpretation and thus is considered to be a crucial stage in any historical study.

The bulletin accepts only original papers from authors and is a reviewed edition.

The journal is published by the State Institute for Art Studies together with the Interregional Agency for Scientific Restoration of Works of Art. Financial support is provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The journal is published twice a year.
The journal’s main rubrics correspond with the following fields of science (listed after the Nomenclature of scientific specializations according to which academic degrees are awarded):
17.00.04 — Visual and applied arts and architecture
17.00.09 — Theory and history of art
24.00.01 — Theory and history of culture
24.00.03 — Museology, conservation and restoration of historical and cultural objects
05.23.20 — Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage
07.00.06 — Archaeology

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Subscription Index in the United Catalogue Russian Press — 2020 33355.
A copy of the periodical is delivered to the Russian News Agency (ITAR — TASS).