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Lev LifshitsRecently Uncovered 15th-Century Byzantine Icon of the Mother of God

Engelina Smirnova Late 16th-Century Icon The Resurrection — The Descent into Hell in a Private Collection in Moscow. Rare Features of Iconography and Style

Anna Zakharova On the Recently Uncovered Mural of Deisis in the Church of Dormition of the Virgin in Labovo

Tatiana TsarevskayaImages of Novgorod Saints in the John’s Cell of the Episcopal Chambers in Veliky Novgorod: The Time and Circumstances of Their Appearance

Leonid Beliaev, Irina ElkinaDating the First Stone Cathedral of the Alekseevsky Conception Monastery: an Attempt of Self-­Correction

Andrey YaganovOn the Chronology of Stone Construction in the Kashinsky Klobukov Monastery in the Second Half of the 17th Century  — ​ First Third of the 18th Centure

Svetlana BaranovaOn Some Studies of the Tiled Decor of the St. Nicholas the Wet (Mokry) Church in Yaroslavl

Elina DobryninaReconstruction of the Lost Patristic Miscellany in tipo Anastasio Based on Three Fragments (Mosq. Syn gr. 73, Paris, Bnf, Coisl. 28 and Suppl. gr. 1156)

Irina ShalinaThe Oldest Podea of the Miraculous Icon of the Tikhvin

Isolde ThyrêtEmbroidering the New Dynasty: Marfa Ivanovna Romanova and Her Tapestry The Praise of the Mother of God

Irina Kyzlasova, Anzhela UlanovaMikhail Andreevich Ilyin: “…Blown up by the Germans during the Retreat” (Studies of the Architecture of the Moscow Region during the War)