2020 1


Anna SlapiniaDecorated 12th Century Horn Plates from the Archaeological Layer of Pskov and the Theme of the Centaurs Struggle with the Beast in Ancient Russian Art

Irina ShalinaThe Old Icon of the Teotocos Hodegitria from Snetogorsky Monastery and its Place in Pskov Art

Engelina SmirnovaNewly Discovered Novgorod Icon of the 15th Century Selected Saints from a Private Collection in Moscow. Iconography and Style

Georgi GerovArchbishop Jonah of Novgorod and the Medovartsev Family

Alexandr LavrentyevVladimir upon Klyazma and the Artistic Life in Moscow of 14th 15th Centuries

Irina SterligovaCarved Icons of Metropolitan Vissarion in the Vatican Museums: on the History of Russian-Italian Relations in the 15th Century

Anna Litvina, Fjodor UspenskijBoris Godunov and His Family in the Light of Medieval Russian Multi-name Tradition (Polyonymy)

Svetlana ZiuzevaThe Origin of Niello Engraving in Russian Jewelry of the 16th Century

Nadezhda PivovarovaThe Silver Shrines of Russian Miracle-workers of 17th Centuries. To the Question of the Construction and Appearance of the Precious Tombstones in the Time of Earliest Tzars of Romanovs House

Elena Burenkova, Andrei GamlitskiyTitians Annunciation from the Venetian Church of San Salvador and Russian Icon Painting of the First Half of the 18th Century