2019 ¹ 1


Plioukhanova (Pliukhanova) Maria B.Pokrov and Znamenie in Novgorod and Pskov in the 14th Century

Orlova Maria A.On One of the Motifs of the Carving of St. George’s Cathedral in Yuryev-Polsky

Sterligova Irina A.Studying the “Mongolian” Period in the History of Old Russian Toreutics

Beliaev Leonid A., Kim Ol’ga G., Riabov Vladislav A., Khokhlov Aleksandr N.Savior Transfiguration Cathedral of Tver in 13th–14th Centuries: a Volumetric Reconstruction

Smirnova Engelina S.Miniatures with “Author’s Portraits” in the Manuscripts of Veliky Novgorod of the Last Third of the 14th Century

Lifshits Lev I.On the Issues of Studying the Work of Andrei Rublev

Tsarevskaia Tat’iana Iu.The Fresco “The Virgin and Child on the Throne”, 1466, from the St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod: Features of Iconography and its Place in the Church Space

Preobrazhenskii Aleksandr S.The Icon of Epiphany from the Vorob’ev Collection, and Priest Ivan, Unknown 15th Century Russian Painter

Batalov Andrei L.The Resurrection Cathedral of the Goritsky Monastery: Dating and Interpreting its Architectural Forms

Tarabarina Iuliia V.“Golitsyn” Repair of the Terem Palace as a Historiographical Myth


Makhan’ko Mariia A. Literature Review